Custom Braces Designed Specifically for You

Most braces are designed with only a few average prescriptions built in, which are used regardless of the complexity of an individual’s particular needs.

Thanks to Insignia™ Advanced Smile Design, you no longer need to settle for generic braces.  Insignia is the most innovative orthodontic system of braces available.  With Insignia, you get state-of-the-art treatment that’s 100% customized to your specific prescription and with benefits that go beyond what traditional braces can offer.

What is the Insignia Difference?

  • Custom-designed braces and archwires
  • Teeth move more directly to their ideal positions
  • You will see a 3D view of your braces before you have them applied
  • Greater control which translates into shorter treatment time
  • Available in a clear
  • Your completely personalized ideal result for a lifetime of beautiful smiles

How Does Insignia Work?

Digital Image Capture of Your Teeth

Using our new Lythos Digital Impression System, we digitally capture a precise detailed model of your mouth, teeth and gums.  We no longer need to rely on taking impressions using metal trays and molding paste that can be uncomfortable and messy.

Customized Design and Fabrication

The Lythos digital images are then loaded into the Insignia software where a 3D representation of your bite is created for your orthodontist to digitally plan your treatment result.  At this point, you are then able to virtually view and approve your new smile before starting treatment.  Once approved, brackets and archwires are custom manufactured just for you with your exact prescription built in.

Precise Fitting

Once your custom braces are created, your orthodontist will attach them to your teeth using positioning guides constructed specifically for your treatment plan.  The precision fit of these guides allows for faster treatment, fewer appointments and predictable high-quality treatment results.